Monday, January 21, 2013

1/21/13 Successful weekend @ WOW & Hiking in the Hollywood Hills today with Shelly Martinez

1-21-2013                                     So beautiful and inspiring hiking thru the Hollywood hills today with my #bffconnect Shelly Martinez (
It's Been an amazing day off.

Relaxing and exercising after and very busy and successful weekend at #WOW
At the eastside cannery casino & hotel
Santana Garrett and I won the tag team championships from caged heat Loca & Delta in main event #WOW tv taping.  It was one of the most fun projects I've ever been a part of.
I want to Thank everyone involved in @wow_Wrestling #WOW
Here r a few pics below
Thank you for visiting #AmberLand
Amber O'neal

Sunday, January 20, 2013

WOW afterparty photo

After a very successful @wow_wrestling show there was a great afterparty to celebrate. In this photo me(amber o'neal) & @santana_Garrett THE NEW WOW TAG CHAMPS w/ Lana Star The WOW CHAMPION. #GOODTIMES