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DAY 1-Road to Wrestlecon Fitness Documentary

Welcome to another episode of 

 Hello again! This blog is the beginning of a project and commitment that I am taking very seriously. It is definitely a different type of blog compared to what I am used to posting. Normally my post consist of videos,pics, and stories of my life on the road as a pro wrestler,behind the scenes footage at shows, road trips with my friends and fellow peers in this cramazing fun biz and lifestyle. Being the only female living at the infamous highspots house makes for a crazy amazing chaotic life that somehow makes us a happy dysfuntional family that is definitely worth sharing with all of you, LOL...  sometimes a celebration of the success of shows/events & sometimes just a celebration of life... you may catch glimpes of those moments as well in AmberLand, from time to time :) or maybe just a life experience I feel is worth sharing with my friends,family and fans,BASICIALLY ALLLL my adventures that take occur in this place I live called AmberLand:)....anywhooo you get the idea by now. BUT.. don't get it twisted.... those post are still to come because thats just whats up in AmberLand. LOL.
 In addition to those experiences I have started a new chapter in my life. I have made a commitment to myself and to you my fellow supporters to give my health,nutrition,my workout ethic, and myself and DO-OVER. Not that I am in horrible shape now but I am ready to be the healthiest, best possible FIT Amber O'neal I can be... and now the commitment has been made I am ready share my journey of reconnecting with fitness and getting healthy with you and document my progress as well as everything I learn along the way starting today up until Wrestlecon. Then i will set another goal,but gotta stay focused on the current Slow and steady wins the race right????
 In this blog documentation I will be working with alot of  different fitness personalities in the wrestling industry,entertainment industry, and some impressive fitness personalities thru out my journey and have no doubt I will learn a ton of knowledge on workouts,nutrition,detox diets,who knows what else I will discover while I set out to see what exactly is going on in the world of fitness and nutrition since the last time I was more consistent in my fitness routine(couple years is a good enough estimate-LOL), and by doing this I hope inspire some of you as well. So that's what this Road to Wrestlecon Fitness Documentation is all about and today was DAY 1. Why Wrestlecon you ask?...more to come on that later as this blog unfolds.
 Little back history here that I feel lead up to me making this decision.......
At this stage in my life and career I feel it is more important than ever to be the healthiest,strongest, and happiest version of me I can possibly be. In wrestling it is necessary to make fitness a priority and I always have. Especially when you are in the realllllly competitive phase of wrestling. FELLOW know what i mean....
 I had many years where I was doing what I like to call the CLIMB.I think my peers in the biz can probably relate to this. During the CLIMBING phase basically you are doing everything humanly possible in hopes to land the BIG TIME contracts in wrestling..for example WCW ,WWE, TNA,etc.
 I have had the privilege of  traveling and/or working with all of them. NEVER CONTRACTED but for several years I traveled with these companies and had numerous tryouts,dark matches,cameos,kiss cam appearances,house shows, in addition to working independent shows all over the US and a couple overseas tours. Because of all experiences combined I am so grateful I had the opportunity to  travel with and learn from the best wrestling has to offer! I truly believe my path that led me to my journey here was perfect for me. I do believe I was one of the lucky ones to  have been in the mix of it all of and as some would say "on the verge of making it"...but to me the definition of making it is what YOU consider making it. In my opinion I did make it and actually I am still making it. I did exactly what I wanted to do with the people I wanted to do it with and now that i think about it I still am. I feel for all these reasons combined is why I never took any second of it.. or my friends and mentors for granted or felt like wrestling owed me something. When i reflect on the last 14 years I like to say as far as the BIG TIME  I was there...without being there...LOL. I have always been very active on the indy scene working with the BEST promotions and talent in the independent scene and in my opinion produces some of the best wrestling out there PERIOD! I genuinely love wrestling and want to be in it for MANY more years to come and I feel at my age...I am a PROUD 38 year old very single,independent woman and I have been blessed with some amazing opportunities in the past couple months. I have been blessed enough that after 14 years in the professional wrestling, when I thought I had accomplished everything I wanted to in this miraculous business. I am proud to announce some outstanding projects I have signed up for that has influenced me to make the decision to show myself and the world Amber O'neal is not going anywhere for a long time and I will be in better shape, stronger, healthier and better than ever so get ready world! I'm just getting started!!

The project I am most excited about is signing a contract with WOW (Women of Wrestling) {@wow_wrestling}  
I also have signed up to tour with my #bffconnect tour with my #bffconnect partner Shelly Martinez @funtimeshelly for 2013
I have signed up to be in a special bikini photo op signing with my #bffconnect partner Shelly Martinez 
Shelly and I will also be touring in Germany in November
Other projects are in the works but being blessed enough to be given these amazing opportunities requires me to WORK ONO MY FITNESS!!
I am excited most of all the be healthy
Now that you know my thoughts,reasons, and motivation to document this 
Amber O'neal Fitness&Wellness DO-OVER
please stay tuned as i will post daily. Please send your support and RT these blogs and help spread the word. You never know who you will see in this documentation, including yourself.

Breakfast/Meal 1
1 packet of protein oatmeal
1 container of cherry Greek yogurt
1/2 c blueberries
its amazing and taste like dessert
 coffee with organic Steve sweetener
3 tsp non-dairy creamer
After Breakfast I did 30 min on the elliptical and the following 2 Tracy Anderson webisodes twice nonstop all the way thru
1st Video I did was her Arm webisode on YouTube
2 times with out stopping
it looks crazy but very fun and this workout has my arms sore already and i just did it today
 In addition to this twice I did 1
10 bicep curls
10 triceps dips
super set these twice with few seconds in bwt

after the arm workout 
I did Tracy Anderson Ab webisode only once all the way thru
because my abs were on fire after one set
this is my first day so don't want to get to crazy to fast LOL

After this workout I had this post workout all natural smoothie
I got this recipe from Tracy Anderson Blog
to enhance your skin tone diet
I am most inspired by her and I will be doing alot of her workouts and recipes
My ultimate goal is to workout with her in one of her many studios worldwide and attend on of her detox weekly camps. I will accomplish these goals!
she has quite the resume
All natural Smoothie with Protein added
Here is an #AmberLand Video of me making it with my NINJA BLENDER
it is a MUST

After this shake I did 20 more min of cardio on the elliptical
then had a green drink
Green Drink Recipe today
1 cup of  spinach and romaine lettuce
1 cup raw broccoli
 1 whole lemon
1 cup mixed apple slices&grapes
blended in a ninja blender
 I know it doesn't sound good but it take like lemon flavored fruit
and its SUPER healthy
 for dinner I had Shrimp,broccoli,carrots and brown rice

If i did anything i wasn't happy about today I didn't drink enough water!
I definitely wanted to eat my roommates Tys red velvet birthday cake...but i didn't..just tasted it and HEY that's a BIG deal for me...remember its day 1...I'm adjusting LOL
but overall successful day
Tomorrow is another day and I will post Day 2 tomorrow night...well tonight its 6am
must nap now before this all starts again
thank you for supporting
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  1. I wish you all the best, Ice Queen, I know you will do it!!!