Tuesday, October 23, 2012


well so far you were with me for the ride to rahway,NJ where I was super excited to be part of Pro Wrestling Syndicate all womens wrestling show call Bombshells Ladies of Wrestling aka BLOW..lots of controversy over the name but i think they will definitely sell DVDs and i have a blast working there so i say live and let live!:)
when i arrived at the show i surprised the girls in the locker room and invited them to amberLand to join us....
then i had the most fun match with Brittany Savage and here is some backstage footage of me and Brittney POST MATCH....
thank you Brittany so much for a great match! I look forward to working with you again!
I also got to be backstage when Sienna Duvall defeated Katie Lee aka Winter! it was a HUGE accomplishment for her and i was honored to be there backstage to share with you both ladies thoughts as soon as they finished and returned to locker room.....
BLOW had so much talent in the locker room it was a complete honor to be asked to be part of this project. I got to meet Silver who was from Canada and I wanted to properly introduce her to amberLand:) she is an amazing girl and I hope I get the chance to work with her in the future
Here are some pics from the BLOW SHOW
making my entrance....

 me and brittany savage pose for a couple photos
 more pics with @brittysavage

to see more pics of BLOW match @amberoneal1 VS @brittysavage visit my facebook page
here are more pics of me and the guuuuuuuuuuurls from BLOW SHOW

after this amazing night with NO sleep i got back in the car after eating with this amazing group of people above I drove with my friend Daniel back to Charlotte,NC just in time to make my flight to Memphis,TN for..
We filmed matches from 8am to 10pm and it was a busy but amazing day and here are some pics and footage from the shoot! you can check out all the matches we filmed at http://magnificentladieswrestling.com/
My fave moment from this adventure in memphis was how i met Claudia del Solis for the 1st time. I was scheduled to have a match with her and was a little "bratty" about the script but what can i say...at least i keep it real....Enjoy this reenactment of my FIRST IMPRESSION with Claudia
and here are few pics of me and the other girls at the shoot that day
here is me with Santana Garrett...LOVE HER
 me with Barbie Hayden and we had several matches this day! She is one of my favorite girls to work with! shes definitely a doll!
 after the shoot we went ot hooters for some drinks, wings,gurltalk
 and UFC!!!
The most amazing thing about these journeys are the people you meet along the way! This was the first time i met so many of these girls and I feel confident saying I have more guuuurlz n my life now thanks to wrestling. I roomed with the great cheyenne and it was amazing learning that we share so many beliefs and interest... and im convinced its because we are both indians...because i am the self proclaimed albino indian...lol...irish cherokee to be exact. Anyway thank you for letting me share my experiences and journey with you! I love my life and grateful everyday for every experience!
cant wait to share with you whats next...til next adventure
keep on keepin on
amber o'neal

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