Friday, November 23, 2012

A Shore Weekend to Indygurlz PART 1

WELCOME BACK.......................
I decided to take you back to sept 2012 where I visited one of my very best friend for 13 years Angel Orsini! We visited the Jersey Shore(which i was extremely excited about due the face that I am a Jersey Shore FAN-atic. JwOWW is my fave chick on the show and Pauly D is my fave guy on the show) ok moving on now LOL...also on this Jersey Shore Excursion Angel Orsini who is currently my tag partner and we call ourselves Fire&Ice. We had a tag match against Jesse McKaye & Kacee Carlisile and  for Boonton NJ. On this trip we went 4wheelin, shopped at an amazing seafood market, stayed at Angels Shore house,had an amazing cookout at an amazing marina, & partied at Jenkinsons(famous hot spot for Jersey Shore cast)!!This weekend was NONSTOP FUN,CRAZINESS,EDUCATIONAL,and we got OUR WORK DONE!! 

This episode of Adventures N AmberLand started earlier in the week when me and my roommate (newest additon to the highspots house family) Daniel got stuck in the bus Lane during rush hour traffic after a shopping trip to Wal-mart to get dinner for our tuesday highspots family dinner night and get a few things for my upcoming jersey excursion....

 I had to breakout the AMcam because this adventure started tuesday afternoon....
2 days before my departure for A Shore Weekend to Indygurlz....
Daniel and I survived the bus route insanity and I am now safely in Jersey and reunited with Angel Orsini
 ANGEL AND I VISITED RUTGERS CAMPUS...Where Angel graduated from this year...CONGRATULATIONS ANGEL!!!!
I will be posting footage from links via my veetle page... and search amberoneal1 to check out my 
Adventures N AmberLand Live Broadcasting Channel
links from this trip
but her are some pics from Angel & I right before we go live that night on location from RUTGERS CAMPUS


                       This was my first time visiting Rutgers Campus and I loved it
  thank you Angel for introducing me to this amazing school and it made me feel like when i   lived in Greenville,NC when Pirate games and tailgating were my only priority. LOL!              The vibe at this school was amazing and I was grateful for this experience! 

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Adventures N AmberLand-A Shore Weekend To Indygurlz is
                                              TO BE CONTINUED.....

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